Mike Shereck: Restoring and Rediscovering the Power and Contribution of Masculine Leadership

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In a world filled with uncertain, ambiguity and fear; a world that see’s men more often as the problem than the solution; a culture who seems to believe that the way to address this issue is to reduce masculine expression, Mike offers an alternative.


Mike speaks on and address the errors of the past, the conditions of the present and presents thought provoking, current narrative challenges and an inspiring path to the future.

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About Mike

Mike is a father, partner, friend, brother, and dude. His “day job” and has been for the last 8 years, is being an executive coach and organizational consultant, working to transform how people lead, work and grow in their organizations. The work he does is in addressing and developing the Human System i.e. the relationship we exits in that shapes our experience. 

Mike is also a author of two books, most recently The Manhood Manifesto: How Men Must Lead at Home, at Work, and in the Public Sphere. This work is published by Post Hill Press, and will be out July 20, 2021.


Mike puts much of his attention on men and their leadership. Why you ask? Because all too often they have been at he root of the issue, and if it was us guys who screwed it up, it is our job to assure in gets created. The most inspiring thing about that is the outcomes that get produced because with breakdowns come breakthroughs, and there is alway the opportunity to recover from any challenge. All the recovery requires is a little courage and a powerful relationship to integrity and authenticity. Oh, and a little sense of humor helps a lot.

When Mike is not working (or traveling to some of his gigs) you can find him riding the back roads of this great county on a Harley. His mantra is “Life is precious and urgent”.

It is my belief Mike Shereck would be valuable to your speaker lineup. Mike is not only a powerful speaker; he is a good man. I was present for a conversation lead by Mike in Nashville and he connects with his audience in a compelling way.


He has a commitment that people come away with value from his interaction, I know I did.

CB Kuzlik
CEO and Founder
Let’s Pave Inc
Oak Brook, IL

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Mike's Talks


The Four Core Distinctions of Leadership: There are over three hundred thousand books on leadership

I think we can agree there is no “one way” to do leadership. This talks speaks to the thinking, the context, the vision, and the heart that informs how leaders show up. Distinctions are the things that inform our actions and we look at the 4 core distinctions. They are, purpose, integrity, authenticity, and most of all courage.

This talk takes deep dive and will challenge what you may think you know about them,

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Culture Trumps Everything: This talks speaks about the ideal culture we all would desire. 

One that is all about results and accomplishment while humanistic, and affiliative. A culture that honors each individual and allows for their highest and best expression of themselves to shine. Sounds like pie in the sky? I am here to tell you it is not, and it takes work, and commitment, and fortitude, grit and gumption. And it can happen.


This talk will create the pathway. If you are tired of settling you need to hear this.

It’s Time: Leading our way out

This talk takes on two issues, the new environment that exist as a result of the social, cultural, and political change that has occurred in the last year plus; and it address what is needed in leadership. 
In this talk we look at specifically the environmental changes that have occurred, we don’t ignore them nor are we stopped by fear of them.


The are address in a way that does not tell you what to do, and it will allow you to thoughtfully and soulfully create the pathway to lead your organization, community, group or team forward in this most unusual time.

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Responsible Masculine Leadership:  Toxic masculinity, hierarchy, patriarch, structural racism, sexism and xenophobia are all either direct or vailed complaints about men in leadership. 

Behind every complaint there is a commitment and that is where the opportunity lies.  In this talk we take on the complaints directly, no excuses, no blaming no whining, just direct engagement.  
Then we get straight about how we failed, we get to the root of the issue, from there we create a pathway to restore responsible, empowering and courageous leadership.  


Before you rebuild anything you gotta clean up the mess that exists, it all gets done here.


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Mike brings a depth of knowledge, perspective, and passion for leadership to inspire and transition mindsets from the “way that has worked in the past” into the “why, how and who you need to be” for success into the future.

Mike will show up to each engagement with authenticity, openness, and the ability to grow with the audience, rather than “talk at them.”

Tina Schuelke CEO
Change Management Communication Centre
Oskosh, WI



Phone Number: 630-643-6336   /     Email: mikeshereck@gmail.com

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